Warranty on Extreme 32gb SD card

very disappointed so you know here this is going… was just on Chat with SD… I wanted the address for where to send in this SD card for warranty claim as it is only 1 years oldpurchased from Amazon… it just separated from top to bottom… using it in my Canon 60d… wouldn’t give me an address for the warranty claim … wanted me to take pics of the card back and front… what a poor policy… have over 40 SanDisk cards… first one to have a problem… then this jumping thru hoops…doing a tap dance. not nice…  something is just wrong with this …

If you still have the original proof of purchase, I’d try taking it in to a few photographic or electronics shops, who specifically sell Sandisk, and ask if they could help. They must have a contact locally and might b able to help out in the hope of getting your business in future ???

Good luck.

:smiley:   Hi Stakeouttoo,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

Sorry, please do not grieve more, friend.

Do not take it wrong, the photo with the front and back of the card, is simply to check the codes and compare them to of the factory.

Contact again SanDisk Technical Support:   http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/contact-us/


Regards, Alfred.                                                                               (Google translated)