Want to sell me your old sansa clip?

I am trying to purchase just the clip, but am having trouble finding one. If you have an old sansa clip player, even if its only half working or pretty beat up, I’d be interested in purchasing it, just to be able to get the clip. Any takers?

try buying a refurbished one for cheap. 

Or try to find a DOA unit on eBay.

Dang, I just wish SanDisk had a box of black clips around, to mail out a token replacement to people …

I have a Sansa Clip it has stopped charging for the 2nd time and I think I am just going to get an ipod.  What state are you located in and I can see what shipping charges would cost.  What kind of price were you thinking?

I live in texas. i was thinking $6.00 total?..since the clip can be mailed first class for a stamp. …but I’m open to suggestions. My direct email is




Guys . . . This is not a swap-meet. Any buy & sell negotiations are strictly verboten here on the public forum. If you want to discuss any hypothetical transaction, please use the PM (private message) feature.

And just a tip, it’s considered very un-wise to post your e-mail address where the spam-bots can get it. :wink: