Wall charger hub

 So I bought this charger hub where I can plug the USB in and am really lost of this thing charges the Fuze. It charges fine, but I don’t want to burn the battery or whatnot… here is what it saids on the back of the hub:

Input: AD 100V-240V  50Hz  130mA

Output: DC 5.0V (±) (plus or minus) 5%

            1000mA (±)  (plus or minus) 50mA

Thanks guys!

Did you buy one specifed for the Sansa? If not Then you need to check the specs for the Fuze, and see what it needs… I dont remember them right off hand and I dont have the specs here… Compare them to the outputs you listed in your post if they match you should be made in the shade.

The key with this stuff is to make sure the volts match, and that the amps are not less than the device will draw. The Fuze is a standard USB high-power device, so its 5V and shouldn’t draw more than 500mA. You should be just fine. I’m not sure why anyone would make a USB power device that provides more amperage than the max, but if you search on 5V 1000mA, you’ll find a lot of USB power devices provide that.

I have 2 that are higher than standard USB. Mainly because they are uesd for speed. First is a battery charger where you can charge using your PC but the wall makes it faster, the second is a set of speakers… They will attach to your computer thru a USB and can be used to broadcast your pc or you can plug them into the wall and use them as a set of sterio speakers