Help!!! USB charger for Fuze

I bought this item and on the charger it says:

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.15A

Output: 5-12V 1A Max

Will this be ok with my fuze?

Any wall plug thing that has a USB out should be absolutely fine. It’s a standard thing. As you see they don’t mind going onto a massive list of what can plug into it in the product name… basically anything that can charge off a laptop will be okay.

I’m not so sure!

Some people say that you can ruin the sansa fuze if it uses the wrong current/volts

Can you confirm that it will not only work but not ruin my sansa fuze?

Given that I bought a very similar plug from ebay without checking, perhaps I’m just living dangerously.

Could someone else confirm?

I don’t want to ruin my fuze!

It’s odd that the specs you quoted don’t match those in the ad, however I don’t think you need to worry. More important than voltage is the amount of current the adapter can provide otherwise you’ll underpower the device and risk burning out the adapter and starting a fire. It must deliver at least as much current (Amps) as the device needs. I’m using an adapter rated at 5V 900mA which is just under the 1A yours has. Voltage-wise, the USB standard is 5 volts. The voltage spec you posted may be more a matter of “truth in advertising”. I’ve tested many adapters and they never put out what they claim - it’s almost always greater and will vary from unit to unit even among a given model. I think you’re safe but if you have any other device that is USB powered, like a hub for example, you could try that first. If you’re really nervous about it, you could test the voltage at pins 1 and 4. See this page for more information:

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