Is this wall charger compatible?

I have a wall charger that accepts a USB plug. It is originally used with a USB mini cable, but it can accept any cord that has a USB on it. The output is 5V, do you think it is okay to use this to charge a Fuze? It’s rated at 1A, and if the Fuze charges through USB, then it’s only pulling 500mA at most. Thanks.

  • Eli

Any charger with a USB socket on it is safe to use with the Fuze, as long as you use the cable that came with the Fuze. A charger that puts out one amp should charge the Fuze quite fast.

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Awesome, thanks for the info. Sansa Fuze should only pull the amount of current it needs, hopefully not one ampere, because when charging from USB, it gets pretty warm already =/

I should add though that a USB wall charger I have that is 500 ma did charge my Fuze completely, however after quite a long period of time the Fuze indicated it was still charging. I then connected the Fuze to my Tekkeon mp1550 which puts out 800 ma, and immediately the Fuze indicated it was fully charged! If a USB wall charger is too low in ma output though(I don’t know what the cutoff is) then the Fuze might not charge.