I’ve got a speakerset from könig, but when the volume drops, (with my soundtracks) the speaker schuts down, then you’s missing a piece of the music.

My question, is the volume limit a firmware based (issue)??

Then my question is, when above is the fact, Can it be a little bit louder? so that my speakers don’t stop anymore???

My thanks for any possible answer!


Which firmware are you using? Many players sold in Europe have a European version of the firmware which limits maximum volume. If your Fuze does have this, then install the US firmware on your player. Also make sure that in the player settings, the volume setting is on high and not normal.

Mine is bought in The U.S.A, I Guess there was American firmware on it, but, I had the option Dutch in my player (it says Nederlands)

I’ve upgraded to the latest European firmware, does that make any difference??


Try the US firmware. See if it helps.

I’ll Try


I am sad to have to say that it doesn’t work, It turns off aswell.


Do you also have the player volume set to high in the settings, or is it set at normal? Other than these things, there isn’t much to do other than using a program like mp3 gain to raise the volume of the music files, or to use different speakers. If you raise the volume with mp3 gain, then the high volumes might distort. I guess there may be a way to compact the dynamic range with mp3 gain, so the high volumes won’t distort, but the low volumes aren’t too quiet? I have never used mp3 gain. I just read about people using it.

I was already thinking about an Sansa Dock, (I suppose that it will do a good job and that it won’t turn off)

But I Would like to use my old ones too, then a firmware uprade will do the trick, (if possible of course)


A dock might not help. If you buy a dock, make sure it is made for the Fuze, and that the store will let you return it if it doesn’t help. Perhaps the solution might be to get other speakers?

An Altec Lansing (made for sansa) witch is available here is what I’m looking for.

Thank you for the mp3gain tip, it’s indeed not lossless at all, but at least my speakers diplay it now.

It’s very cracky though. (is there any way to use it lossless (at the download page it says that it is lossless.)


I’m sorry. As I said before, I never used mp3gain, I just read about people using it. The problem with classical music is that the dynamic range can be huge, and the music can go from very soft to very loud, which can cause some issues.

First time I amplified 3DB which was to much, obviously.

Then I tried 1.5 DB, and now there is no real distortion, and my speakers work with it:smileyvery-happy: