volume (possible defective unit?) or normal?

hello all, i don’t really have a problem with the fuze+, but i usually play music with a volume around the music to hear at a decent level.  On other players, this has usually been lower.  Could this be a problem with my player or is this normal?

I, for one don’t really understand your question. Are you saying the Fuze+ plays too loud or too soft?

It plays too soft.  Just wondering if this is normal

for my nano and creative zen, the volume is loud enough around 1/4 of the way up, but for the fuze+ it’s more like 1/2?

normal or not?

thanks btw

Here I leave it around half too, I guess the earphones are a limiting factor, I haven’t tried with better phones yet but should make a difference.

It’s probally just quiet… I’ve tried it with ipod headphones and sennheisers and it’s still pretty soft

Are you is the EU? There is a volume-limiting restriction there that cuts about half the volume from one sold ini the States (or anywhere else). See this.

It’s from the Fuze board, not the Fuze+ but the same ‘fix’ should work.

no, I bought it from amazon, probably just used to louder players.

On a side note when fully charged when plugged into USP it displays a lightning bolt right?