Fuze volume seems lower then it used to. What is the deal?

I use the fuze at normal volumes when i work out but when I go to workout i usually turn the volume to 66%-75%, eq set at 6,6,9,12,12 (with mdr-v150 headphones) and replaygain at song and pre-gain at 12.0db. Also use an e5 with it at full volume no bass boost.

However I only do this a few times a week for 1/2 hour each time.

But It seems like lately when I plug in my fuze to my stereo with a 3.5 to white/red rca y adapter. I have to turn the volume up more (volume used to be 66% on fuze and 20 out of 40 on the stereo.) Now I have to turn it up to 75% on the fuze and 25 out of 40 on the stereo for it to get the same volume.

I have plugged it in a few times to the headphone jack when both stereo and fuze were on (and stereo on/off and fuze on/off etc.)

And I may have jiggled the proprietary cable a bit.

So what is wrong? Thanks.

And btw, it is not my hearing as my tv and tape player function of my stereo (cd doesn’t work for some reason) still sound the same loudness at their regular volumes. Just the fuze sounds quieter.

Oops! :dizzy_face:

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I would say it was more related to you than the fuze as there isn’t really a reason for it to happen (and it sounds the same on headphones).  Sometimes I turn on my music on the way home from work and think “**bleep** I was trying to deafen myself this morning”, but when I had listened that morning the volume seemed fine.  I would say it was likely down to your own perception.

And yeah wrong forum  :)  -Moved to the right forum.  No worries!   -µ

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