Volume so Low


Please help.  I bought a Sandisk Fuze like a week ago off of Amazon and the volume is terrible.  At maximum volumer I can barely hear it walking down the road.  The voulme wont even go to a level that I could deem to loud.  Its not my ears it the device.

IS there something wrong with it?  I dont want to send it back for replacement if its how its meant to be.

I have bought 3 different types of earphones and now some HD 202 seinheisser headphones but it made no difference.

My software version is the most recent.

Judging from other posts http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/Fuze/Volume-problem-on-8GB-Fuze/m-p/68581/highlight/true for instance there is an option to change the volume type on the player, mine doesn’t have that “just under the brightness option” as they say.

Any advice?  Just bought it and dont want to have to sell it.  I want an MP3 player I can hear if i’m not in a perfectly quiet environment.


First, make sure your headphones are plugged in all the way. New Fuzes have a very tight headphone jack. Give it a twist as you push the plug in.

If you are sure the headphones are correctly plugged in then:

Go to the firmware update thread here and install the latest firmware. Don’t get  the updater–use the All Regions link and follow the instructions to do it manually.

When the Fuze restarts, choose either North America or All Regions–NOT Europe, which has regulations that require the low volume.

If that doesn’t fix it, it’s defective.

Or just “Reset to Factory Settings”. This will also give you the option to choose the region. As mentioned, select either US or Rest of World to get your High volume setting back. It’s verboten in Europe. :wink: