Volume on SanDisk Docking Station with Fuze

I have been using my Fuze and SanDisk docking station for about two years now as a combination which feeds a signal to my stereo system.  My problem is in that every time I plug my Fuze into the docking station the volume line-out volume is dropped all the way down.  I have to use the remote control to turn the volume up all the way to reach appropriate line-out level.  Not only that, but I also have to set my EQ setting from Custom to Normal since the line-out signal also goes through the EQ processing.  At one point in time the firmware set the docking station at a fixed line-out volume.  With the most recent firmware (from 1.02.31 all the way back to 1.02.26) the line-out volume has been variable.  If I ever lose my remote control for the docking station I will be screwed.  There is no way to increase the line-out volume on the Fuze unit itself without the remote.  I hope this could be be addressed in a future firmware update (if we ever get one now the Fuze+ is out).