True Line-Out for Fuze?

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I purchased the Sandisk Docking Station (SDAMX-BST) to use with my Fuze unit.  I bought it knowing it was not truly made for the Fuze, but did some research and found it will work with the Fuze.  The big disappointment came when I found out the supposed Line-out from the docking station appears to be an amplified version of the headphone-out signal (volume changes affect the output signal as does the EQ choice).  I wonder if the Fuze has a true Line-out signal when using the View A/V cable.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

I’m also very interested in this.  If anyone’s tried it please post your results.

The Fuze itself puts out "Line out "  level to the Accessory dock.

The accessory dock itself has an amplifier which is adjustable with the remote.

If you want full Line out,  set the Volume control on the Dock to MAX. 


The line-out signal from the docking station is also affected by the Fuze EQ settings which would indicate it is not a true line-out signal.  It seems it is only an amplified version of the headphone-out signal.  When adjusting the Docking Station volume with the remote control the Fuze volume indicator increases, with no indication I am increasing or decreasing the level of amplification provided by the Docking Station.  As I adjust the volume I am only changing the supply signal to the Docking Station amplifier, unless you know otherwise.  One other thought I just had, my volume level setting has been set to “Normal” while doing this testing.  I will try the “High” setting later today.  Thank you for your input.  

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