New firmware bug in docked mode (line out)

I have updated my firmware to the latest version (V1 Fuze). I noticed that the device sounded quieter than before in docked whilst docked (I have the original sansa dock). I thought maybe the new firmware was just quieter in line out mode so i tried to adjust the volume using the wheel on the device which did nothing (I would expect this). However it is possible to adjust the volume using the remote! The volume indicator is not the standard volume bar indicating where you are in the scale it just displays “- Volume +” with a picture of a speaker in the middle.

Obviously this is undesired.

Also I have not tested wether it maintains the effects of undocking and redocking the device and wether it keeps the last setting… 

I think now you need to go into the menu and settings and adjust the new GAIN feature…  This should up your line out volume!!  So it’s kinda adjustable now but through the menu not the volume control wheel…FYI I have not loaded the new firmware yet just been reading on it to see if it’s for me or not!! George

line out mode? i see normal and high (which I use for truck or headphones), but both respond to volume control.