Voice Recordings messed up by song parts "Stop then go."

I have a bunch of voice recording on my Clip+.

When I went to listen to older ones recently, almost all of them have a song section singing “Stop then go…” instead of the former content.

Was this a virus?  I have good virus protection.

These were some pretty important recordings, but I guess they’re gone now.

The sizes are the same, but all that plays is the same song over and over again.

Is this the first time you listened to the recordings, and were they fine before?  Any chance you inadvertently recorded the radio? 

They were regular old voice recordings of lessons, etc that I’ve done for years.

Now, within a particular time period, they all have that singing of “Stop then Go” over and over and over again in a bunch of files.

I found quite a few of them that I had backed up, and they’re OK, but the ones on the Clip, 40 or 50 or so, all have nothing but “Stop then Go” being sung…



That’s incredibly odd!  Where did the “Stop then Go” song come from–is that one of your songs on the player, so that the player somehow grabbed it and overlaid it onto your lecture recordings?  Curiouser and couriouser . . . .

Not that I know of…   

…never listened to a song called “Stop then go,” but I fix lots of people’s computers for fun, and so might have imported something that did that.

I a bit of a geek, but not a programmer or a hacker, so I don’t understand the technicalities of such things.

It evidently happened in a narrow window of time, as most of my backups are OK, but the ones actually on my Clip+ seem to be the ones affected. 

I transferred some stuff from an older clip to this one, and maybe it happened then.

I’ll look closer, as it is kind of curious.

It’s more then 50 files, but the recent ones are OK.

I’ll look closer over the weekend and see if I can pinpoint when it happened.


What happens when you look at the files in windows. Do you use MSC or MTP mode. I only use the former and that would let you look at the actual recorded files and then take it from there.

I have it on “auto”   

I copied them over to my computer - windows 7 64 bit - to convert them to smaller mp3s to put them on the sd card, and discovered that wonderful phrase from the song over and over as I click on each one. A good old Rock and Roll phrase, with guitars and drums, “Stop then go…” I think… I can’t find any reference to a song title on Google, so I don’t know who did it.

However, when I open them in the “voice” section of the clip+, it quickly scrolls through the “bad” ones until it gets to the ones I recently recorded, which are OK. It just rolls from 1 to 68 or so, where the good ones are, and  then starts playing the good ones. 

So, on the computer, when I click on them individually, I get the phrase over and over.

It’s on each individual file, no matter what the size of the wav file.


I have most backed up from a previous back-up, so I didn’t lose too many…

Not sure what’s happening, but your transfer mode is MTP, auto is a bad setting that Sansa should never have included. It simply sets the player to whatever protocol the comput supports with MTP preferred.  Look at the device in MSC mode. Sounds like you have corrupted files.

The Clip doesn’t play standard .wav. Its voice recordings are a low-bitrate version of .wav.  

So if your Windows converted them to regular .wav files (1411 kbps), it won’t play them–which is why it skips through them.

Still doesn’t explain “stop then go,” however.

Very odd.  I wonder if a virus-like file caused this to you, coming from your other use of your computer.  I have never heard anyone post this issue, in more than 5-1/2 years here.  

Thanks for helping!

This is interesting (since I have most backed up in another folder earlier).

I just copied the messed-up files over to the Windows 7 computer, and played them as wav files. I don’t think they were converted, as they copied straight very quickly.

Thanks for the info about the MT whatever. I never did understand what was going on with that, except that on one of the settings, a bunch of files didn’t show up on the computer…but that’s been a while ago.

What I’ve usually done is to copy them over and then use Applian Converter to turn them into mp3 64 files, as they’re about half the size and I can copy them to the 32 mg SD card that I have in the slot, so they don’t fill up the base 4mg memory in the “home” clip+

They’ve worked fine before.

Like you said, the interesting thing is the Stop Then Go thing. How a phrase from an unknown rock song would become part of a whole bunch of wav files is quite challenging…and beyond an English teacher geek’s technical knowledge.

Thanks again…

Time to get ready for school.