Voice files have a fixed date/time stamp

I have an 8GB Sansa clip+ player, firmware V01.02.15A

The voice .wav files have a fixed date/time stamp even though I’ve set the time and date in System Settings. They are all stamped 01/01/1980 00:00 when I view them on the computer. Only the numbered file name changes when a new voice file is created.

A friend has the same unit with the same firmware except it’s 4GB. His voice files are properly stamped. He suggested I format the player, as he did, but that didn’t work. I haven’t used the provided CD and would prefer not to, but neither did he.

Any suggestions?


Try downloading the firmware again, and reinstalling it on the player.

Note that the CD would not affect matters–it only contains the software for the Rhapsody music subscription service.  Skip it (unless you want the service, of course). 

Thanks for the replies.

Updated to V01.02.16A and verified the date/time in System Settings was current. New voice file is still stamped  01/01/1980 00:00.

In addition to the new clppa.bin file that updated the firmware, there are 5 other files in the root directory. They are all dated 01/01/1980.






I wonder if deleting the other .bin file (DID.bin - leaving only clppa.bin) would do the trick?


I have the same problem and it is frustrating. Is this mp3 supposed to date and time the voice recordings r not. mine is a 4gb