Date/time display?

I have been using my new clip+ for about a week and i have no idea how to look at the time on it. I hate wearing a watch and would like to check the time on my Clip+ since it HAS date and time settings on it.

The only place to see the time/date is on the menu where you set it.  Someone had a brain cramp in the design group.  Hopefully a future firmware will include this.

It is serving at least one purpose - the ‘date-time’ format for the file names of voice recordings.

My guess is that the clock(particularly the second “hand” and fractions of a second) is used as a seed for generating randon numbers for shuffle play. Using the clock as an input for generating random numbers is quite effective.

If that was the only reason for a clock, the ability to “set” it would not be needed.  A clock that simply started from time 0 at first power-up would suffice.

I didn’t say that was the only reason. As some else mentioned, the player uses the time for the filenames of recordings.

The date and time format was added as an enhancement for the recording time stamp.  This is used on the Fuze and e200 series, making recordings easier to locate.

The original Clip recording format was a simple sequential (001, 002… ) file name format.  It was decided that the convenient time and date format of the other Sansas might be preferable for the new device.


Absolutely a great idea, to avoid having to rename the files.

As the function is there, it would be nifty to have a time and date screen, as others have discussed–perhaps through a press and hold of the center button.  (And I’m sure the exercise set would love to see a timer there as well.)