recording - file dates?

is there any way to get the recorded files to have a date created/modified ?

now that i think about it, the clip doesn’t seem to keep track of the time and date :x

and copying it to my computer doesn’t even create a modified/created date. 

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The Clip assigns a sequential number to the wav files generated by the recording function.  For example: VORC001, 002…

Imagine my elation at seeing how the e200v2 handles the task: date and time stamped, in a lovely sequence.  Well, the bigger brother is designed as a handy pocket recorder too, as it has a specific “record” button on the side.

The cool thing, in experimenting, is that “resume” is available in the music menu after recording interrupts the music.

If making voice recordings is a priority, the e200 is the ticket- catching those fleeting thoughts couldn’t be easier.

I would love to see SanDisk change the filename protocol for the Clip’s voice recorder in the future, as the e200’s method is great.  The longer listing is easier handled on the bigger screen though, but time and date are far superior to numerical sequence.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

But does the Clip have date and time capability?

i wish it at least kept the sequential ordering after i transfered the recordings out like a camera.  it just resets to 1 so i have a bunch that are named 001.  is the functionality better in MTP mode? does it at least copy the date when you copy it over? if so i may install WMP 10 but i hate WMP… is there a driver i can use to use MTP without installing WMP 10?

Hey there Miikerman!

I don’t know what the format might be for a sansa’s “secure clock” as set via synchronization in MTP mode, but my gut feeling is that it might not be the traditional HH:MM:SS DD/MM/YYYY as we use it.

A clock display is a handy thing on the e280; I never thought it would be as handy as it has proven to be.  I use the recorder often to keep track of my diagnostic progress at work, plus it’s terribly handy for catching those fleeting thoughts.  The e200 is designed as a pocket recorder and music machine, and the combination has proven quite useful.  It sports a separate REC button just for that use.

The Clip, on the other hand, is engineered a bit differently: it’s the ultimate easily carried, clips anywhere machine.  I don’t see it being employed in the same way as the e280.  Recording requires navigating through a few steps- but the fact that it does indeed make great recordings is a bonus.

Adding a clock function to the firmware, plus the display task, might take away from the primary design- though it would be nice, if not just for the time/date stamp function when recording.

The e200 has a constant clock display that easily feeds into recording data.

So, I have one of each.  If I can’t catch a thought on the 280, it’s nice to have the Clip’s recorder as a backup.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: 

anyone know where to find software to make the clip accessable in MTP mode other than WMP 10?

so i installed the MTP porting kit and now it pops upwith MTP Media Player (Windows XP) with options of WMP and WINAMP and take no action, but I see nothing in explorer and neither WMP (i dont have WMP 10) nor winamp.  the player also says connected… but can’t do anything.

any help without installing wmp 10?