Voice recording filenames are MMDDYY-hhmm.WAV

Now, the voice recording file format is always MMDDYY-hhmm.WAV. This has the disadvantage that when sorted alphabetically, the list is not automatically sorted chronologously. If the format for the files would be (or could be setup to be) YYMMDD-hhmm.WAV, the two orderings would always be the same.(OK, I admit that I’m from Sweden and that YYMMDD is the standard here - but YYMMDD really has the ordering advantage described above.)

Go to the Product Feature Suggestions board and add your idea to the “Fuze f/w update suggestions” topic.

OK. Thanks.


I’d like to second the original poster’s request with two minor voice-file related additions for the forthcoming firmware: I’ve come to use the voice recording frequently and find it one of the stand-out features of the Sansa Fuze.

As the file format starts with a month number, previous year voice recordings will be sorted by month with the current which I suspect would not be desirable for anyone. In fact, recordings from December through March already do not follow the descending order top to bottom. Therefore, for the upcoming firmware update, would you submit a change to:

  1. Order the voice files YYMMDD-HHMMSS (where Y is year, M is month, D is day, H is hour, M is minute and S is second). Even better for clarity in my view would be: YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS or, e.g. 20090318-133025 for 1:30 & 25 sec PM, March 18, 2009. With usage of all numbers to indicate year, the file name meaning–at least the date part–becomes transparent at first glance.

  2. Second, in reviewing recordings I’m apt to want to listen to the most recent first. Therefore, could you submit the idea to create an option in the settings to allow a chronological descending or ascending order of the voice files? And if only one is easily feasible, could it be changed to ascending instead of descending: that is, the most recent recording would be at the top of the voice file list?

  3. Finally, it seems other posters have deleted voice (and perhaps other) files inadvertantly. I have as well. And I believe this is because the new user who is not acclimated to a several second or more delay after depressing the center button on a highlighted file may wonder if the delete command registered and may try depressing it again (thereby deleting additional files before the first deletion has registered on the screen). Therefore, would you submit a request to add a deletion confirmation pop-up such as the confirmation on issuing a format of the device? For those who might find this extra safety measure cumbersome, perhaps the confirmation pop-up could be a selectable option under settings.

sansafix, the favor of a reply from you acknowledging a read of my post would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I read your post and added your suggestions to the list.  It wont be in the forthcoming release however.

I agree with inverting the field order for the recording date, with the year first.  That would make sorting a bit smoother.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:


Much appreciated.

Though I’d like to press for the upcoming firmware if I may for namely the more logical month-year swap to read YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS (as suggested in my post above) and particularly if the re-coding is as straightforward as I suspect it may be.

Thank you and again, appreciate the nod.

No you cant.  Its already in Qulaification and no further changes at this point.