viewing files from 2 computers

I have a laptop with windows 2000, my m230 shows up as the E: drive, and I transfer files to the root directory with no problems. I then plug my player into my Windows XP at home, and my player does not show up as a drive, it shows up as m230 player, and I can’t see the files anywhere, even though they are on the player… Any help out there?

Your experiencing the difference between MTP and MSC mode.

MSC mode shows the device as a flash drive.

MTP shows it as a MP3 player.

you have two choices:

change the mode to MSC, and it will always work on every computer…  (Settings, Then USB, and MSC)

or install Windows Media Player 11 on both machines, and then it doenst matter what mode your in.

Message Edited by Baggage on 09-11-2007 07:01 PM