Viewing All Songs in Artist without playing them

I tried using the search function… however it didn’t answer my question.

So let’s saying I’m trying to view all the songs within an artist. The only option I see is play all, and then going through the menu to see the song list.

I was wondering if there was a way to view the song list without playing the songs, or going through the albums individually.


If you want to do it with out  stopping playback, you have to run thru the pay all list. There is a work around to see the list tho during playback. If you are playin a song by Artist A, hit the menu button (6 o’clock on the wheel) and then choose view music list. This lets you see other tracks by the artist with out having to go all the way back to the artist menu and find it again.

When you are playing an album if you choose view song list, it gives the songs for that album only. If you choose the artist, play all, then choose show song list, then you see the list of all the songs by that artist. They are in order by the albums though, and not in alphabetical order.

With the latest firmware you can “Press and Hold” while highlighting  the Artist and add all the tracks to the Go List from that Artist.

Then navigate to the Go List and see a list of all the tracks.

None of these really answered my question, except for conversion box.

I guess it’s not possible then.

Do you think this could be implemented in future firmwires? It can’t be that difficult. 

Sansa Fix’s solution might be help ful. You dont have to listen to the Go list. But with regard to a future firmwire. Dont “Sit by the computer” it could be just that hard.