Suggestion for next f/w update.

When I browse my music by artist sometimes its really hard to find the song if I don’t know the album of the specific song when there are multiple albums under a certain artist.Therefore I have to go through all the albums under the artist to find the correct song.What about a option named ALL SONGS under the artist that is organized alphabetically?

Current browsing method:


Preffered method:


                    >ALL SONGS> TRACK

Thanks and hope you understood, :wink:


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thats a great idea

Thanks delonH24.

What i thought is this would make browsing by artist a lot convenient.Hope this idea would be implemented on the next firmware update.



I’ve added that to my suggestions for better browsing :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that when you browse “Music>Artist>Play All” the “music list” loads in Album order, not in alpha song order.  This still might be a faster way to find a song within multiple albums, as you can go “back to music list” and scroll through all albums fairly quickly.

In the next f/w update i’d like to see a option to turn off the blue light off like rockbox did on the e200