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A suggestion to have a browse Songs/Artists/Albums, etc by alphabetical selection. So far I only have about 500 or so songs on my 8G Fuze, and it’s not even half full. But scrolling through the enormous list of songs is a tough chore.

So here is a suggestion, based on the images provided. You can browse songs/artists/albums, etc by alphabetical selection. A small row of the alphabet would come on at the top, where you can select any letter. Songs, artists, albums, whose first letter matches the selected ones would be listed. You can switch to another alphabet letter any time to change listings. This image shows an idea only for english. Other languages might be more involved if they have more then 26 characters.

Idea screen 1: Here as soon as you switch to another character selection, the listing would be updated. In this screen, since the letter ‘A’ is selected, only the songs that start with ‘A’ would show. (or artists/albums/etc)

Idea screen 2: Or, first you select a character, press enter (or something) to show the list. So here, if you’d select the letter ‘K’, only songs/artist/albums (depending on the request) would display that starts with the letter ‘K’.

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you can already do this if your id3 tages are complete.

Really!? Hmmm… I did not know that. I will look into this as soon as I get home. Thanks for pointing it out!

well i should say i just read the title of your post and not your entire post. if your id3 tags are complete you can browse by artist, album, genre ect and the list will show in alphabetical order however you can not just jump to a particular letter. sorry for not reading your complete post the first time.

i also would like to see this added in a future firmware upgrade. 

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I wholeheartedly agree; The Fuze really NEEDS a way to quickly jump to an artist.  I have a ton of artists on my Fuze.  And although it is easy for me to get to any artist whose name begins with A or B, to get to an artist whose name begins with P or Q takes forever!   I find myself only picking artists who names begin with A, B, C, or D, because anything beyond that takes way too much time to scroll to.    Please make a new release of firmware that allows one to quickly jump to any lettered group of artists (all artists that begin with S, for example).   As an ex-programmer, it would seem simple enough to do, and it would allow your users to actually quickly find artists whose names don’t hapeen to be in the first few letters of the alphabet.

Not Just artis, but Sont Title, and Album? That Would be Killer!

The accelerated scrolling & wrap-around menu features introduced in the last f/w updates was to be a work-around for this, so it must not be as easy as one thinks to do what you suggest with the currently available hardware and/or software.

Nice job with the simulated screens and I agree this would be faster & more intuitive than the current solution. I hate saying or reading this on most of the new ideas brought up here, but this feature IS already available with Rockbox firmware, so it has been proven it CAN be done. I also agree that this would be beneficial on all lists (Artist, Album, Song, Genre), so if they can ‘crack the nut’ on one, then they should and probably would expand it to all.

Time will tell if this is possible or maybe we’ll see it in a future model down the road. :smiley:

Here is a very easy implementation.   Currently, when looking in the artists section one is limited to using the scrollwheel to scroll down one artist at a time.  However, I noticed that the “Submenu/Options” button located at the bottom of the scroll-wheel has no function currently assigned to it while in search by artist mode.   That said, I suggest assigning the “Submenu/Options” button to jump down to the next letter in the artists?   For instance, if Adam Ant is currently highlighted, it will take me to the screen with the artists beginning with the letter “B”, and then if I press the Submenu/Options button again it will take me to the screen of artistis beginning with the letter “C”, etc.

Lets compare the current method to my suggested method. Lets presume that I want to play some Norah Jones but when I first go to view music by artist it dumps me in the "A"s (e.g. musical group Adam Ant is highlighted):   

Using my suggestion:  I merely press the Submenu/Options button in quick succession 13 times to get me from the "A"s screen to the "N"s screen, afterwhich I use the scrollwheel to scroll down past Nina Simone and No Doubt to get to Norah Jones.    Very quick and efficent.

Using the current method:  I have to make many many many full circles (currently over 20 given my vast jukebox) with the scroll wheel to get from the "A"s all the way to Norah Jones.   This is much more time consuming and inconvenient than the simple implementation I am suggesting.

Hoping you will take up my suggestion in a new firmware release.