Feature Request: Browse Album/Song list by alphabet

Currently if you want to listen to a certain song/album and you have alot of music, you have to turn the wheel for what seems like forever if its near the bottom of the alphabet. How about a browse by alphabet option at the top of both the song/album lists. That way you could just select the letter and narrow the list a bit. Either this or let the user scroll in reverse.

Whatcha think?  :stuck_out_tongue:

The browse by alphabet option is a great idea. The scrolling does suck. I believe they had reverse function on e200, but since View, they stopped using that. dunno why. . .

i think that both of those would be VERY useful!!!

i hope sansa considers this in the next firmware…

my #1 choice would be the alphabet

and definite #2 as the reverse scroll 

good idea not unless someone wants some thumb exercise. heh.

I didn’t realize this thread already existed and posted the same request the other day:

Need better navigation for large libraries

I hope Sandisk is listening, the current navigation is brutal once you have hundreds of albums/artists.

BTW, is there any official way to make a feature request?  Or is just posting here and hoping someone at Sandisk notices the only option?  It would be nice to get some kind of acknowlegement that Sandisk has received the request.

This thread (mine) has been around alot longer than that thread. I too hope Sandisk listens to our ideas on this as the current method is awful for browsing large libraries. There is also the mp3tag issue that has yet to get a fix.

Still no fix for this? How many firmware upgrades have there been for the fuze?

@joshtee wrote:
Still no fix for this? How many firmware upgrades have there been for the fuze?

Only one, but the Fuze was only released in March, so not too surprising.  It seems like there’s reason to believe accelerated and wrap-around scrolling will be in the next FW (should be any day now), but I really hope they implement an index as well.

My daughter’s Zen Vision:M had indexing, and it was fantastic. Basically, when you clicked the fast-forward button in a list, it would present a vertical alphabet on the right. Click on that, and it would take you to the first item in the list that started with that letter. The physical interface was awful, but it was still faster getting between songs than on an iPod.

Right now, the forward button on the Fuze does the same thing as the center button (and sometimes the play button) when you’re in a list. Its pretty ludicrous to have such miserable long-list navigation, and three of the six button choices doing the same thing.

How about setting the genre equal to the first letter of the song name for all songs? Then you could search by genre? This is probably only worthwhile doing if the number of songs on the player is huge.

One could have genre AA for songs that start with AA to AK, AL for songs that start with AL to AZ, BA, then BL, etc. or some other scheme. At least the beauty to this is that it can be custom tailored. 

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A work-around yes, but sounds like an awful lot of work to get there, especially with a large music library. :cry:

"A work-around yes, but sounds like an awful lot of work to get there, especially with a large music library. :cry: "

Not really. With Mp3Tag one can on their pc choose the root directory of their music, then click on the title column to sort the music by title, then select a large group of songs at a time and change the genre tag in one step. One could change all the genre tags in just a few minutes, even if there are thousands of songs. One would then have to delete the songs from the player, then reload them. Some said they have changed tags directly on the player, however I wouldn’t suggest doing that, especially when a large number of files is involved.

Only in MTP mode do you have to delete the songs off the player. I update tags on the Fuze (in MSC mode, of course) frequently. I use special genres like “New Albums” to make it easier to find on the Fuze (to overcome its slow navigation), and I wouldn’t want to overwrite those on my PC.

I have an 8GB fuze with 8GB microsd.  Lack of an alphabetic navigation feature is very very very bad.  I check back every so often to see if they have fixed it, but haven’t seen a fix yet.