Videos and pictures stored on SD card not working after they were copied to PC


Yesterday I wanted to copy the content of my SD card (SanDisk Extreme microSDXC 128GB) to my computer to make a backup. I used a USB cabel and connected my Samsung S9+ to the PC. Then using Windows I copied the DCIM folder and pasted it on my hard drive. The process went smoothly and after an hour I had 35Gb worth of videos and pictures stored on my PC. I didn’t open any file neither on the phone nor on the PC after the copying was finished.

After disconnecting the phone most of the pictures and all the videos became corrupted on both ends, the phone’s SD Card and the PC. SD card is still working just fine.

I tried removing the SD card and using it with a card reader but still the same, everything works except the above mentioned files. I tried many methods to repair the damaged files without success.

Now I have 35Gb of precious memories sitting there with no way to view them!!

Is there anything I can do? Is there a way to save these files?


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Have you wrote the card to full ever before? If yes, the data was correctly readable? Check that if you are a victim of a fake sized micro SD card (Google it: fake 128-256-512 GB cards usually 8-16-32 GB in real)! Try some trial versions of recovery softwares (ex.: Easeus, R-Studio) to proof that the card is readable or not. If yes, you can pay for the software’s full version. If not, try Googling for a data recovery company in your surroundings who work with the chip-off recovery method. It have costs (especially for monoliths, like mini and micro SD cards), but this is the only way to bring back the valuable memories.

Thanks for your reply.
I had no idea such fake SD cards existed! Nonetheless, I think this SD Card is genuine, but I will check this more thoroughly.
I never wrote the SD card to full before, all I had on it were these 35 GB.
The problem was that the files were there on both ends after I copied them to my PC but somehow damaged, so I only tried with video and image repair tools, which sadly didn’t work.
I deleted some videos and pictures to check if Easeus can retrieve them, which it didn’t.
Some online company that works with damaged MP4 files examined one of the videos and said they only saw scrambled data!!
I really don’t know what to do next…


After many attempts to rescue these files I finally managed to do it and I want to share the solution with you.

A few days later I remembered that the SD card was actually encrypted months ago using Android. I was not sure of that at the beginning because the SD card worked on an SD card reader and due to the fact that Android was showing me no option to decrypt the SD card, but only to encrypt it.

So I nonetheless encrypted the SD card again. Android only encrypted the files that were not damaged and did not see the scrambled files at all. After the encryption was done I decrypted the files and, voila, they worked again!