Cannot Format MicroSD? Did it suddenly die?

Today, I just noticed that my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) suddenly stopped being able to record video into my SanDisk MicroSD card. I went to check the storage settings on the Android phone, and it stated that the SD card was suddenly “corrupted”. I went to check to see if all my MP3s and pictures stored in my SD card were still able to be opened by my phone, but I discovered the worse outcome; they were all gone.

To verify that it wasn’t an isolated issue with the phone, I decided to verify the microSD card by connecting it directly to a built-in card reader in my computer.  It was able to read it, but the Windows ScanDisk utility popped up. I thought to give it a try, so I checked both boxes and let it scanned for errors, but it did not detected an errors.

After no luck on ScanDisk process, the computer, surprisingly, was able to read/open up all the folders and files on the card (MP3s, photos, Android data files, ect.). I decided to safely eject the card and put it back in my phone, but the corrupted error was still there.

I then decided to format my MicroSD card; I plugged the card back into my computer and backup all my MP3s and photos from the card to the computer (didn’t care about the rest of the files). However, none of the formatting methods that I’ve tried work! I’ve tried the Windows formatting tool (appears when you right-click on the SD drive), the Disk Partition tool (Command Prompt), the SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0 from the official SD Asssociation website, and putting it back in my phone to use the Android formatter. No avail…

I’ve even attempted to simply manually delete all the files in the SD card. However, when I refresh the page, or go navigate to another page and come back to the SD card page, all the files in SD cards that I just deleteded seem to magically reapppear!

This SD card was last seen functiong 2 days ago when I was listening to music and browising images stored in the card using my phone. I simply don’t understand how a MicroSD card can suddenly die with no obvious cause. I’ve used this MicroSD card scuessfully for 4 years with no problems until now. It has went with me through 3 phones: a Galaxy S4, a Kyocera Digno (Japanese model), and my current Galaxy S8. 

Right now, I just want to see if there are any other potential solutions to fix my “corrupted” MicroSD Card before I deemed it “unrescuable”.


I would suggest you to extract your memory card from the phone and insert it into the laptop or computer with the help of card reader. After inserting the SD card just run check disk command to find and troubleshoot the storage device issues.

Try to check the properties of your card reader by going to My Computer and then under Devices. Maybe the write-protection is enabled.