Android SanDisk Extreme MicroSD corrupts files copied to and from it

I hope I labelled this with the right product/tag.
I have a SanDisk Extreme SD card that I use on my phone. Recently I moved a folder of photos and videos into the card, and when the process completed, almost the ENTIRE folder’s contents is corrupted.

I did a few more tests of copying files around, and discovered that not only do the files become corrupted when copied INTO the SD card, I’m discovering that files that has been there in the SD for a while are corrupt too. The problem is that I haven’t checked them in a while so I don’t know if those files only got corrupted recently, or if it has been ruined from day 1 and I just never noticed.

At first I thought music are not affected, since I just copied a number of music into the SD with no issue. However, when I tested copying them back out into the phone’s internal memory, 5 out of 20 music files turned corrupt.

The SD itself isn’t corrupt entirely per se. It can still be detected and opened. It’s just that when I copy files to and from it, the files come out corrupted on the other end. Worse yet, the files aren’t always immediately corrupted. Some of the pictures I copied over looked fine after the copying process is done, but when I check the same files some time later and it has turned corrupt. It was literally fine only minutes ago.

I’m really baffled about this, and I’m not sure what’s wrong. I’ve searched around and I do not see other cases that match mine.

Is this a virus? Bad sectors? SD card has been damaged somehow? A busted/poor quality card?

Hi @darenoir,

In order to troubleshoot your issue, please check below mentioned steps:

  • Have you tried any other memory card on the same device? What is the capacity of that memory card? Is it working?
  • Have you checked the memory card on any other device or a computer? Is it working there?
  • How do you connect the memory card to the computer?
  • Have you tried formatting on computer? Then what is the exact error you are getting while formatting?

Title: Formatting a memory card using a PC

Link: Formatting a memory card, flash drive or device using a PC

Title: Formatting a memory card using a Mac computer

Link: Formatting on a Mac computer

Warning:- Formatting will erase all data on the device. Back up all your data before proceeding.

If issue persist, please refer below link to contact respective support team for more information: Ask a Question

Hope this information helps !!