video watching on fuze

when i watch a video on the fuze …like at the middle of the video the voice of the person who is speaking is a second behind from the movement …umm how can i say this,its like the person in the video moves it;s mouth but wat they are sating is a second or two behind…what can i do to fix this,it irratates me when that happens i cant enjoy the video.

I know exactly what your talking about. This happens with video on computers too sometimes. Can you check your original video to see if does the same thing on your computer in that same spot? If it does, than when SMC converts the video, it retains the offsync info.

I beleive this happens usually when a video is encoded with a different framerate, but the audio was not treated, resulting in the video being slightly longer or shorter as it progresses in a timeline (depending on if the fps was increased or decreased).

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oh ok.yeah i see what u mean.i have seen the video on my computer and its normal nothing bad about it.only when i watch it on the fuze it does that…and i got the video from youtube and do know if thats the problem or something…

it quite possibly might be, however, I think Sansa Media Converter is more so the problem. the converter should be able to handle the conversion of fps, but I’ve also experienced problems with it.  most of the time I use media coder to convert to a 20fps file, than convert that file using SMC, but that may not be worth your trouble.

I think this is the Sansa Media Converter problem. I was checking in the Sansa Media Converter forum and found that this is a know issue. Video and Audio out of sync.