audio lag on video...

I have seen this question posted before, but never saw it answered.  Can someone please help with this problem?  I first tried to transfer an AVI file on to the Fuze using the Sansa Media Converter.  The file was transferred, but when I tried to bring it up on the Fuze, an error message came up.  I then used Any Video Converter to convert to mp4, then I used SMC to transfer to Fuze.  The video worked, but the audio was a few seconds behind the video.  What can I do??

Using Any Video Converter, start with the source video once more, and try a different frame rate.  Errors in audio sync can happen, depending upon the specifications of the source video.

The AVC interface is a bit tricky.  You will have to experiment a bit with the drop down settings that appear once the source video is selected.

I’ve had successful conversions by changing to avi on the first pass.  The only synchronization issue I’ve run into is one sample video pulled from YouTube, and the error is 0.5s.

You can build a collection of conversions, naming them slightly differently, and run them through the SMC.  See which settings work best for you.

As you experiment more with video and the Internet, you’ll soon discover the real problem with open video sources: there are so many possibilities, it’s a miracle that you can get them to play!  I can search about, and fine video formats of all kinds.  The Sansa Media Converter definitely has a lot to work with.

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To neutron_bob: you got the AVC to work with the Fuze? What exact settings did you use? I have been searching all over the web and no one could use a third-party converter successfully. Do you think you could give me a screenshot or something?

AVC is used only for video conversion or correction.  The Sansa Media Converter is still needed to transfer the video onto the Fuze.

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So there is no fix if the SMC is causing the problem? I know that it converts at a lower fps than its supposed to

No SMC is not the problem.  I mentioned this on another discussion and will here too. My coworker and I got AnyDvdConverter and she has an iPod.  She has delay problems too.  And actually it’s only on some, it seems like.  And then there’s the language you have to be careful.  I got French and she got Spanish (on different movies) LOL (yes we just laughed and coverted it again in English!).  So you have to remember to change the language too.  Since the Fuze is mainly a music or audio player, it’s not really for video.  There are little video players out there.  But for me, it works fine.  Plus with mine (unlike my coworkers ipod) I can put things on memory cards (like the other ones have my audio books and other podcasts) and not tie up main memory in my player (I use that mostly exclusively for music).

Well if it isn’t the smc, is it the fuze itself? because my mpeg4 files are fine before i use the smc. And i am using mpeg4 files I already converted once with super with the closest specs I can match to the fuze. I am still not clear because it seems some people, like neutron bob, seem to be able to view videos fine. is this a problem of every fuze or just some?

     I disagree.  I’ve used several different media conversion programs, and all with the same results.  The files work fine viewed on my computer, but as soon as I convert them over to view on my sansa, there is lag.

Yep, it’s a problem with the Fuze media player. For audio, you have to downsample it to 44.1. Most transcoders usually leave it for the default sampling rate of 48. The Fuze will play at 48, but will lag. Audio desync isn’t progressive, so you could “slide” the audio earlier by about 1 second and it will also work.

I would like to point out a third option if nothing is working for ya: video4fuze

Give that a shot if need be. With that you won’t even need SMC