Video Quality Issues?

I just recently converted a video with the converter program and found that on the sansa connect, it’s just a tad bit skippy.

not too skippy, but not fluid either.

Any ideas?

(oh also- where does the converter keep the files on the hard drive, not just the sansa? I would like to keep the files- it takes a long time to convert some of the bigger files…)

Mine is crispy, smooth and it’s comparable to my Ipod video. Make sure that you have a good source of video file.

Yes, you can save the video file to your CP after converting it by Sansa Media Converter. It should ask you if

you want it to save to your hard drive.

Well I’ve tried a few videos, and had different results.

The first two were just an AVI and a mpeg that I downloaded. Seemed smooth enough,

but the last was a dvd that I ripped into two mpg files.

After converting to mp4, the two files amounted to about 200 mb a peice. the source, of course, was very high quality, it was direct off a DVD. (don’t worry, fair use)

Could it be the actual file size that causes the slow down?

Also-i might add, the video was widescreen, so there’s a letterbox.