Video Conversion works.....sorta.

Hello everyone.

So here’s the story, I download a movie, it’s one hour and fifty four minutes, and I try to convert it even though it’s already MP4. When I maximize the window to check on the process, it says that it is writing the video to my Sansa View, even though it was only 44% into the conversion! So now I only have the first 34 minutes of the film on my Sansa, and the converter is buggy. What to do?

Sansa media converter splits large files into several different files.

Wait it out and it should convert and write more.

But yes, one of the buggiest pieces of software I’ve ever seen.  Quite disappointing.

But when It wrote it, it showed the report, meaning that it thought it was done.



You could try it again but you might need to put the video through a different converter then back through the Sansa Media Converter.