Vid not playing after conversion

Hi I have converter a avi file using Sansa Media Converter. I then drag the files to the Video folder but when I look at the Sansa e280 video it tells me it is empty??? but its shouldnt be! any help - Please?

Hi K0uk0u, you need to plug your E280 into the pc while the Sansa Media Converter is converting your video. That way its know what format to convert to. Hope this help and good luck.

Hi KTL01, thanks for your reply but when I connect the sansa and open SMC it tells me that there is no player avaliable?? what am I doing wrong :frowning:

You might be in MSC mode. Currently SMC dont support E280 V1 in MSC mode. Check to see if you can get it to MTP mode. Also check on the back of your E280 to see if its Version 1 or Version 2. Good luck…

Finally!!! got it working! the SMC I was using was the old arch version. I downloaded the latest and it works fine now. thanks for your help KTL01!