very dissappointed in sandisk

I recently bought a sandisk microsdhc 8 gb class 4 card from a reputable seller in my country, and this is a genuine sandisk product, NOT a counterfeit or fake


These are the pictures of the product

The serial number is SDSDQM-008G-B35N

The label on the card has a number “4” in a circle, so people would think this is a class 4 card, BUT this is not a class 4 product !

This is ACTUALLY a class 2 products


I tested it using a card reader

Furthermore, on googling the serials “SDSDQM-008G-B35N”, showed the original product’s label, which is class 2 !

Even my “no name” cheap chinese brand microsdhc of unspecified class performs faster in writing operation than this sandisk microsdhc !

The same people that got tricked into buying fake class 4 sandisk products

I used sandisk products for years, for almost all of my gadgets, BUT now I am very dissappointed, I never thought a reputable company such as Sandisk would do this

kind of scam

But seeing is believing

I don’t even bother to email sandisk support nor complain to sandisk in my country, since the product isn’t a defect product, nor it is a counterfeit product, BUT it

is a genuine product with an intended false specifications in order to cheat consumers

I’ll make sure that any sandisk products which I used are the last, never would I bought anything from sandisk again

I sincerely hope this kind of scam would increase sandisk sales

Oh BTW, this is the specification of different classes of speed in SD card, incase the sandisk techs are unaware of it

I regret not buying transcend microsdhc but bought sandisk instead

Hope this will be a valuable lesson for me and the others who tricked too

With Regards,

Dissappointed customer

just so you know the serial number you posted is not the serial number that is the SKU. at any rate these cards were originally class 2 cards that were recently bumped to class 4. 

that said the cards should ahve a minimum of 4MB/s like you state. accourding to the test you are slightly slow on your write speed. I would use another benchmarking program just to validate your resluts. ATTO is a free benchmark tool that is pretty much the defacto standrd used now. download it and give it a try. 

if you still see write speeds lower than 4MB/s give sandisk support a call. Sandisk is a huge company and i am sure they are in no way selling fake cards and will stand behind their product. if needed i am sure they will replace the card and you will get one that meets the class 4 spec. 

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I see a write speed of 3.62 MB/s and a read speed of 9,36MB/s in your photo.  Depending upon the reader , there will be variations in effective speed.  The fastest I have seen is by using a SanDisk SD card adaptor in the SD card slot built into the HP Mini netbook, using a microSD card.

The numbers from h2testw(your image) look OK from my end, am I missing something? 

I have a ultra-small USB microSD reader, a clone, that shows lower performance than the genuine SanDisk reader.  It also takes several seconds for the little guy to be recognized by the computer.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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This will really affect the image of Sandisk,maybe the next time aroudn I’ll look for another brand.No Sandisk for me. :cry: