Using sansa clip in my car

I have enjoyed using the player in my car for some time although it has been a little temperamental. At the moment, if I plug it in through a USB connection it may play for a few seconds to half a minute and then will not be recognised and the in car unit reverts to the radio. Not sure if its the in car unit at fault or the sansa clip. Is anyone aware of something that I have not done with the player? One possible connection may be that this problem has occurred following the addition of a number of new music files to the player. In addition, it did this before for a while before reverting to playing quite normally. Thanks in advance.

Some car units won’t work with an attached player, or will only play the external card music.

Also, what is your player’s USB mode set at?  You might try setting to MSC mode, if not done already.

Thanks for that info. I had it set on auto detect which I’m assuming is the setting it’s always been on. I changed the setting to MSC but that didn’t seem to improve things. I’ve had the player at least 8 months and with the exception of one or two anomolies it has played in the car fine. Like I mentioned in my earlier posting, it has exhibited this problem before and then suddenly started behaving itself again… until now.

An intermittant problem like that sounds more like a faulty connection, like a bad cable perhaps?

Indeed, that would seem to be the most likely.  Or, perhaps, an issue with the head unit itself, as it ages?  (My own, likewise, has just started acting up after 8 years–a connection issue.)

Just in case, you might try reapplying the firmware to the player, to fix any corrupt code (but I doubt that this is the issue here).

Thank you for your replies. I discovered that my IPOD classic plays ok on the car unit but a brand new IPOD shuffle displays the same message as the Sansa Clip (something along the lines of “no readable data”) and won’t play. I took my car to my local Vauxhall (UK General Motors car) dealer and they had a look at the unit. They believe that the reason for the problem is that there may be files on the player(s) that corrupt the rest of the files. 90% of the files are files from CD’s but there are some Youtube tracks converted to MP3 format. I explained that there hadn’t been a problem with this file mix before so why is there one now. Also, the IPOD classic has the same files on it as the other players but that hasn’t refused to play. Confusing isn’t it! I thought about deleting all the files off the Sansa and only loading CD files onto it to see if that makes a difference. Now I’ve noticed that many of my Windows Media Player files have been duplicated and can’t work out why. I’m thinking maybe I should just stick with I Tunes and IPODS which would be a shame given how useful the Sansa has been until now.