Sansa Clip jumping/skipping when playing in car. Any ideas please?

I have had my sansa clip for a couple of months and it has played fine in the car until this week.  It keeps jumping/skipping every few seconds when playing songs.  Have tried various albums and it is doing it on everything.  Has anyone got any suggestions please of things I could try.


Sounds like it might be a loose connection somewhere.

If worst comes to worst:  I would telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this–you also might need a warranty replacement (which SanDisk is good about).  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

Thanks for your reply, have ordered a new cable off amazon to try and see if that solves it.



I experience something similar to this. My clip+ is connected to audio socket in car via a 3.5mm lead. When my car audio is at a fairly high volume, the clip+ audio cuts  out. It mutes the clip+ audio - not the car audio - briefly. Just for a second or so. I attribute this to the car audio being too loud and being picked up acoustically (somehow) by the clip+. It’s as though it was some sort of feedback effect.  It will do this repeatedly if the car audio level remains fairly high. Lowering the volume on the car audio definitely stops the problem from happening.

As I write this, it has just occurred to me that the Mic input on the clip+ must be picking up the car audio. Can the mic input be disabled at all?


Bought one in July 2012. Skipping problem when played through my acoustic guitar amp. Problem dissapeared when I turned the Sansa volume down to about 2 and turned the amp volume up to compensate. Got to be something related to trying to play with too much volume. Maybe it’s a built in hearing protector. :smiley:

Skipping or jumping when playing your music in the car is caused when the turntable is still locked. The springs supporting the table need room to allow the platter to move freely.

Oops, sorry, I just had a cool retro moment. Anyone remember this problem?

On the serious side, playing in the car is the key hint here: you’re connected via an accessory audio cable. The Clip will “skip” if there is a fault in one of the channels, as in an improperly seated plug, or a connection issue.  This becomes more acute if the volume is set in the higher range. The output protection may be what you’re hearing.

Bob  :wink: