Clip 4gb skipping

My month and a half old Sansa Clip revision 1.0 with the lattest firmware just started to skip during playback with the original headphones, the volume bar also flashes at the same time the audio skips, it does not happen when I use it on my car AUX connector so I guess the headphones have some sort of short, is there a way to get a headphone replacement under warranty? thanks

I don’t see how a defective headphone would cause the volume bar to flash. I suggest that you download the firmware again, then reinstall it. The firmware in the player might be corrupted.

It only does it with the original heaphones… so its not the firmware

If you have other headphones, then I suggest that you throw away the included headphones. I guess it might be possible for what you are describing to occur if there is a short circuit, although it seems unlikely. The included earphones are very cheap. I don’t know why you would want another one if you have other hradphones.