Use of Winamp Playlists


How do I use/convert my Winamp playlists to use on the Clip+?

See if this helps.

Actually, if you have winamps latest version, you can just add the playlists directly to the mp3 player. First, though, you have to go into the preferences–>Media Library–>portables–>USB drive X: (where X is whereever you have your clip). If you go over to advanced, tell winamp to save playlists and music to the MUSIC folder, and you’re done. You might also want to add a couple of formats to the “supported formats” section, like FLAC :).

After that, you want to go to the mp3 player’s music folder in explorer, and load the playlist in winamp. Then click manage playlist and SAVE the playlist OVER the old copy; this fixes winamps’ mixed up playlist creation.

this part is important! Winamp will now claim the playlist is empty. *this is correct*; however, it will attempt to save an empty playlist over the good one. Don’t make changes to the playlist file in winamps interface, or you’ll have to repeat that last step.

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