USB SanDisk Corruption - No Volume Capacity Displayed, No File Access

Hi and Hello:

I am new to the SanDisk Forum and guess what? I have a 32GB USB SanDisk which I use as my encrypted database for house accounts. It has worked flawlessly for portability and instant access for usernames /passwords. Recently it failed as described below.

I cannot gain access to the needed files in the vault. My desktop with “my PC” will show my C:\ volume with folders and files but the SanDisk Volume F: only shows the USB drive, disk “F” and NO graphical capacity in use. This of course produces no access to my files that are associated with this drive plus hangs the laptop when I attempt further mouse entries. The solution is “Reset” the laptop. Occasionally i can recover with a screen “X” close of all displayed volumes.

I should have realized I was in trouble with many occurrences of “CRC errors” shown for the drive prior to my dead USB SanDisk issue. Lucky all files are in the vault and encrypted plus the password is stored encrypted.

Is there a backdoor access that can be used to access the associated Logon and files in the vault?? I am afraid I am hosed.

I have a new SanDisk arriving on Sunday. I will continue to use SanDisk but will insure maintenance of files on the new SanDisk occurs 1x per month. Utilities like "chkdisk "are favorable and hopefully will display errors (plus fix the errors) when I select ckdisk.

Comments?? Recommendations?? Any solutions to retrieve files from a "dead USB SanDisk’??

Thank you in advance. Great Forum for information and solutions for recovery. Please help!!!