USB Flash won't reconized in windows10

I have 1 UltraFit 64GB, bought last month. It’s work fine and smoothly until couple days ago.

Suddenly, the Disk not recognized in my windows 10 laptop. I see it in disk manager, but i can’t assign a letter, can’t format or do anything else.

I tried 3 other laptops with windows10. just noluck

I tried 2 other laptops with windows7, it’s work normally

I tried on my MyCloud NAS, it’s work.

I created boot on my friend laptop (windows7) then try booting in my laptop., it’s work normally.

So, i think my usb flash only have problems with Windows 10 :frowning:

The store refused to help me, because they all use windows7 and have no problems with my usb disk.

Can u guys suggest me how to solve this problem ?

Thanks so much.

when i tried to asssign a drive letter

Are you running the latest update for Win 10 AU? There are posts all over the Internet of USB devices not being recognized in WIn 10 but from what I can find it seems the issue was resolved in the latest release Win 10 AU.