Ultra usb not properly detected by w10

When I connect 128gb ultra usb in w10, I receive following message: SanDisk Ultra USB unable to connect to host controller.  When I go into device manager under usb hub it shows a bad connection Unknown usb device (invalid device descriptor). Under :General it says 

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

The USB device returned an invalid USB device descriptor.

usb works in a mac and is formatted for dos.

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shell shockers unblocked

Is it new or used?  Did you format it?  I think you need to reformat it in the MAC.  exFAT would be the preferred format.  FAT32 won’t work with a drive this large.

resolved vmware issue

i have the exact same problem! How did you fix this??

you may try updating driver of Generic USB Hub and enable USB Mass Storage Device on Windows. Running USB troubleshooter also may be helpful.
More tips are available by searching on Google.