Sandisk Ultra Not Viewable in This PC Windows 10

So I am able to view the device in Disk Management however it will not show in This PC.  I have tried a few things such as deleting some registry keys from registry editor and updated to Win10 1909 however it show in Devices and Printer as “Ultra” but I can’t get it to show in This PC.

Ideas would be fantastic

Does it show in Disk Manager as being formatted?  And if so, is it a Windows supported format?  Some Linux and Mac formats are not Windows compatible.

It does and then I formatted to NTFS. Still not showing after a reboot. Does show on a Macbook just fine

Sounds like a Windows machine problem.  Be sure the USB ports’ contacts are clean (emory paper works) and supports the USB drive type, ie USB 2 vs USB 3.

BTW NTFS is a lousy format for removable drives.  The journaling slows them down.