How to fix Sandisk ultra loop 128GB fails to detect by Windows 11 laptop???

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I have recently purchased 3 of Sandisk ultra loop 128GB USB 3.0 flash drives. 2 of 3 died after I let them connect to my Windows 11 laptop, 1 of 3 died while remaining connected to WIndows 10 only for 3 minutes.
Is it normal that the Sandisk ultra loop 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive dies after 15 minutes of connection and remains dead no matter how hard I attempt?

Please notice that I can’t see Sandisk ultra loop 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive in Windows Device Manager or MSI laptop’s BIOS system.

I have tested all 3 USBs on 2 or more PCs with the same result. I have also tested them on different USB3.0 & USB2.0 ports to no avail.

Is there any hope for me to get them to work when they look dead???

Here is a link to USB Pendrive:…es/sandisk-ultra-loop-usb-3-0#SDCZ93-128G-G46

Model is 128 GB (SDCZ93-128G-G46)

Please help me???
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Themevictory,

To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions from the below mentioned links:

For Windows: Cruzer flash drive NOT detected by Windows PC
For Mac: USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port

For more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: