SanDisk Ultra 3.0 does not work (Win7)


I have just bought a SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 pendrive (16GB, SDCZ48-016G), but I cannot make it work with my HP UltraBook 9470m, which has USB 3.0 ports. When I plug the pendrive into the USB port, the LED on the pendrive lights up, and Windows shows the new drive in Windows Explorer as Removable Disk, but I cannot go into it (I get the error “Please insert disk into removable disk”). Under Properties, Windows shows 0 bytes for free and used space, and unknown file system. 

Any suggestions how to overcome the issue? The USB port works fine with other devices such as keyboard, mouse or USB 2.0





you can try to plug the usb drive to another pc and see if its detected there normally. Something else you can try is to see if the hardware drivers from windows are up to date for the usb bus controllers.

Hi deponia,

So far, I have tried the pendrive with HP laptop (EliteBook running Win7), and a desktop machine (also win7). Each gave the same result, pendrive appears as having 0byte capacity. I have also tested it with a dell loptop running linux, and the pendrive was not recognized there, either. So in total I have tried the pendrive on 4 different systems, none of them worked.




in that case the drive seems to be defective and needs to be replaced. you can go to the place of purchase where he bought it or contact the sandisk support direct to claim a warranty replacement

Try to do a simple Windows Updates. It uses the Windows loaded drivers to recognice your Sanisk Ultra. That might just be it. <img src=“”/>


sure that was my first thought also thats why i suggested to try on another pc and in that case the drive is not detected on linux either so in that case the drive seems to be dead. no need to update the windows drivers if its not working on another system also