USB 3.0 64 GB - access problem Windows 7

I have used the ref flash disk for a long time. It appear as an icon in My Computer (local disk) but is asking me to format it.

I can see it in Devices and Printers.

Is there anything wrong with the file system?

Is there a way to restore it?


in that case you can format the drive and see if after that its detected normally by the computer

Yes understand, but I would like to keep/restore my file on the USB…

See if running CHKDSK on it helps.

Does not work when file system is RAW…

Since we are grasping at straws try this:

Safely remove the USB drive, if possible.

Reboot the machine.

Once the reboot finishes insert the USB drive.  Hopefully Windows will says there is a problem with the drive and offer to fix it.  And hopefully the fix allows you to access your files on it. 

Good luck.  I hope it works.

I manage to recover via

Very happy to hear you got your files back kstrid.  I hope they were worth the  $69.95 you paid for that app.