Updating Files in Sandisk USB PrivateAccess

I have just purchased a 128GB SanDisk USB stick (FlashDrive).
I have installed the PrivateAccess software that come on the drive, then copied (downloaded) ~60GB from my OneDrive Business account to this drive.

Question: When I want to update these encrypted files, how do I do it? Or do I have to delete them and re-download the lot rather than just the changes?

Hi @Cedric4,

Please refer to the article PrivateAccess Support Information and Download: PrivateAccess Support Information and Download

Hello Keerti,
The links you gave me seem to tell me how to (inter alia) add or delete files to/from the vault.

But I want to update the files that in the vault - something different! Are you implying that updating cannot be done, I have to delete the vault and start from scratch again?

Hi @Cedric4,

For more information please contact the SD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: