San Disk Secure Access V3 Mac - update

Hi guys

I had V2 on a 32Gb stick with files on it… Couldnt acess them, it asked me to update to V3 so I followed instructions on San Disk help page. I copied the SanDiskSecureAccess Vault file to my hard drive then deleted the old files off stick and updated… then copied the Vault file back. All I get is encryped files that I cant access… I guess I re-encrypted the Vault file instead of copying the actual files from the open vault onto my HD. Problem is, it wouldnt let me access the original files on the stick saying I needed to upgrade. I dont have an original copy of the files so my question is -  can I un-encrypt the encrypted files? Is there any way of retrieving them?

The backups you were to make was of your actual files not the SecureAccess files/vault.  Then you were to copy the V3 upgrade to the USB stick and run it.

Can you un-encrypt the encrypted file? No.

Is there any way of retrieving them?  Only from your backup copies which you apparently don’t have.