Thanks for the suggestion, xarophti, but with all I ve read posted here, should I even bother to update?  Seems like a lot of bugs,glitches, and what -have -you are included with each update! 

    What are the benefits of the update?  ARE there any?  Anyone???


         version 1.00.04A                                                                               Rog

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haven’t been on the boards for a while.  You are using a REALLY old firmware.  The firmware everyone is complaining about is a version that is not being used anymore (01.01.05).  Since Sansa “rolled back” to a previous firmware, 01.01.00, that is what you will get if you update now.  This is a later firmware than what you are using, and it doesn’t have the “problems” people were complaining about.

(The main complaint was that the mode switching between Auto Detect (MTP) mode (used with Windows Media Player and such) and MSC mode (used to drag and drop files to the player) seemed to disappear.  It went all Auto Detect.  Actually, you could switch to MSC mode, it just took additional steps, and they didn’t tell us how until much later.  Everybody who dragged and dropped to load their player hated it, started screaming bloody murder, so Sansa killed that firmware.)

As I said, none of this will affect you, since the firmware everyone is complaining about isn’t the one you’d be updating to.