Firmware- Upgrade or Not Upgrade?

Hi, I just bought my 1gb Sansa, and I’ve been following the threads in this forum.  My Sansa briefly wouldn’t respond, but a hard reset (Select and Volume +) fixed it.  But I hope to prevent it from dying on my like others.  I’ve read that a firmware upgrade helps prevent it from dying early, but I’ve also read that doing the upgrade has caused various problems (like not being able to read a 2GB card or the FM tuner disappearing, etc.)  So far it works fine overall and with my 2GB card.  Anybody recommend not upgrading the firmware or definitely doing the firmware upgrade?  Thanks in advance.

IMO - the FW update is worth it.

if you own a NON-sandisk microsd card, Then i suggest waiting.  Nonsandisk cards are having difficulty being read.


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Well, I say no, if you’re running under Vista.

It seems to me my friend got a firmware update failure on the same operating system while another succeded on XP.

“Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.”

So the saying goes…