Update: Fuze, iMac & iTunes - Synching made easy

My newest little app find for dedicated Fuze owners who also use a Mac.  This little app was released June 25, 2009 and it is actually listed on the Apple support pages.  So I thought that I would share it with you. It is called, “Sync iTunes to Sansa Device - 3.0” and you simply drag’n’drop your iTunes playlist directly into the “Music” folder of your Fuze and the tracks are copied over, though not the actual playlist.  In my case, that is not an issue as my Fuze’s “Shuffle” feature is set to “on” all of the time.

Find it here on the Apple site:  


Or on via the app writer’s site:


BTW, still a fan of iTuneMyWalkman.  Do not be put off by the name it synched my Fuze effortlessly and is just plain awesome. Though it seems more of an app for those mobile phones with MP3 player capabilities.

Find it here and make a donation:  http://ilari.scheinin.fidisk.fi/itunemywalkman/

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