Creating a Playlist Using Itunes and not within the Sansa Fuze

Hello everyone,

 I have ready through several topics on creating playlists, and I have used the Winamp method and even the selecting of files and right clicking>creat playlist.  However to me it seems so redundant becuase my main music play is apple’s itunes and I create my own playlists there. I would like to know if there is any way of creating a playlist in Itunes and then transferring it over to the Sansa Fuze?

 Also if it is possible to export an Apple Itunes playlist to the Fuze, would I have to copy the music files first to the portable Fuze player? I just want to find the most conveniant way of creating a playlist because I find myself creating  playlists on itunes for personal use and then having to create another playlist for the Fuze. I just want to combine both process if possible.

my specs are : Windows XP SP2 , Apple Itunes 9.0.315 .

My Sansa Fuze is a 2GB

 Any help or recommendations is greatly appreciated ,

 Many thanks 

itunes playlists are not compatible with the fuze. you will probably have to create them twice if you want to use it on the fuze and in itunes 

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My recommendation is get rid of iTunes altogether…if you don’t have an iPod, no reason to have that big pile of bloat on your computer. Plenty of other, better programs out there.:smileyvery-happy:

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haha yeah I used to be anti-itunes as well.

 But my wife has an Ipod Touch…so I need Itunes, and well I got used to it kind of.

I forgot to mention that my Sansa Fuze is in the Mass Storage mode, and the playlists I see are .pla format.

Is the .m3u for the other Fuze mode,MTP,  that windows see’s as a media player rather than the USB MSC

thanks everyone that replied