Unusual speed with extreme 120GB

Hi to all, i have speed problem with the extreme 120gb.
My rig is: i5-760 processor, asus p7p55-e pro mb, 12gb ddr3 ram.
using marvell 91xx sata3 connector but still read and write speeds are considerably low.
i have updated all the drivers including BIOS of the mb.

all HDD and the ssd are working in AHCI mode.

Also arranged the disk to 4K.

Windows runs on this disk.

SSD has the R211 firmware and when i check update with the tool, it says no update needed.

posting the test results with marvel and intel onboard chipset. (marvel sata3, intel o/b sata2)

http://imgur.com/evB9Qjg - sata2 (intel chipset)

http://i44.tinypic.com/1zv8y0z.jpg - sata3 (marvell)

I have no idea why i am still getting such low speeds compared to other test results here and on web.

All ideas that can lead to solve this problem are more than welcome. :slight_smile:

I have seen other similar reports of speed issues with marvel SATA 3 chipsets. My guess is that is what is causing the slow speed. Check with your MB manufacturer website and see if there are any updated drivers for your chipset. If not you may be stuck with that speed. 


if you look at this post it seems throughput benchmarking is what takes the big hit with Marvell SATA 3 chipset. According to this post of you use PC mark vantage to benchmark you should see better performance. 


more reports of slow performance with Marvell controllers. 

According to the Motherboard’s support page, i have been using the latest marvell driver.
I just have finished installing all the updates. results have been improved but not as good as any other results on web.



i never believed win update would be effective but it obviously was.

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