Max 350 MB/s on SEQ. Need assistance

Hello, I cant seem to get higher than 350 MB/s on Disk Reads and about 260 MB/s on writes.

Using the Marvell tool and the SanDisk Dashboard I can see the SDD cabability (interface Speed) at 6.0 GB/s on the SATA III port.

My motherboard is the Z77X-UD5H with the newest rev. (F14).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

IIRC that board has 2 different SATA controllers for the 6Gb ports. I cant remember exactly but i think it either has 2 intel ports and 3 Marvel Ports or 3 marvel and 2 ASMedia ports. Either way one of the SATA 6Gb chipsets is very slow for SATA 6Gb. Try plugging in into the other set of SATA 6Gb ports. 

What drivers are you using (version)?

The latest version Intel® Rapid Storage Technology

The latest version Marvell sata drivers